Awards for Archaeology in Monmouth

Archaeological Excavations – ground plans from half a century of significant digs by Monmouth Archaeological Society

Barton, The, The History of the Barton (up to 1940s) by Marjorie P Lane (courtesy of Monmouth Museum archives)

Horseracing in Monmouth

Maps – discover how Monmouth looked in years gone by

Pottery – read about the fascinating pottery and Malvernian floor tiles unearthed in Monmouth

Monmouth Market – its history leading up to the final sale on 11 April 2003

Clay tobacco pipes of the Monmouth District – Newsletter No 5 of Monmouth Archaeological Society, June 1980

Crompton-Roberts family (Drybridge House)

Catalpa – the 2006 fight to save the tree in St James Square

1833 Report on the Borough of Monmouth, one of 285 towns investigated for the Municipal Corporations Act 1835

Trellech: Current Archaeology magazine (No 198, 2005) reports on two differing views about Trellech’s rich heritage

Welsh Newton War Memorial – notes compiled by Owen Morgan, of the Open Spaces Society

Vauxhall, including missing bridge to Forge Road, (notes compiled by Owen Morgan): One, Two, Three, Four

Battle of Monmouth 25 November 1233 (St Catherine of Alexandria’s Day), according to the Chronicle of Roger of Wendover

Blakemore’s Folly (files One and Two) erected in the 1840s. By Gareth Jenkins (with map of Little Doward Iron Age camp)

Parc Grace Dieu: White Monks in Gwent and the Border, by David H Williams One and Two

Ghosts of Monmouth: the Most Haunted House; and Ghosts and Legends of the Monmouth District (pt 2)

Public Houses: Inns and Friendly Societies of Monmouth, by ET Davies and KE Kissack, One, Two, Three

History of Freemasonry in Monmouth; typescript of Lodge history; Lodge centenary in 1939


MEMORIALS OF MONMOUTH (written in the 1950s and 1960s):

Monmouth Borough Charters, The Lordship of Monmouth part 1 & part 2 (by D Bayley)

Monmouth During the Civil War (by Brian Stephens); see also Sealed Knot notes on Civil War memoirs of JR Phillips

No 4 Nelson’s Visits to Monmouth 1802 (by Horatia Durant)

No 10 The Monmouth District in Antiquity, an archaeological survey (2nd edn 1960, by A L Sockett), Part 1 and Part 2

No 2 The Formative Years: The rise of Monmouth under its Breton Lords, 1075 – 1257 (by Keith Kissack)



Chemical (Naptha) Works on the Wonastow Road

The Tanneries one and two